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At Scarborough Gardens you’ll find three complete stores, all in one place! If you are looking for the right plant for your garden or the perfect gift for your friend you’ll find it here.

Garden Guide for December 2019

Just for You!

As the year comes to a close, we want to remind you that we love being your local garden and gift store. We work hard to ensure that we have all the garden supplies, gifts, and other items that you love! We have gift ideas for everyone on your list, decorating ideas for both indoors and out, plus our Garden Guide has a list of those few last-minute tasks needed to winterize your garden. Here’s to a festive season!

Thank you for your support throughout the past year. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!


Something for Everyone!

We have a fabulous selection of Extraordinary Gifts to give to family and friends. Need some suggestions for the special people on your list? We can help!

Stocking Stuffers

  • Silver Forest Jewelry

  • Infinity Scarves

  • Jewelry Holders and Ring Dishes

  • Takobia Jewelry

  • Men’s, Women’s & Children’s socks (same local company as Sockshop in downtown Santa Cruz!)

Hostess Gifts

  • Rosy Rings, Root Candles and Timber Pear Candles

  • Decorative Serving Dishes

  • Holiday Doormats and Garden Flags

  • Poinsettia, Cyclamen, or House plant in a Decorative Pot (check out our NEW D.I.Y. houseplant re-potting station!)

  • Bonny Doon Farm Soaps and Lotions


Cooks and
Foodie Lover Gifts

  • Decorative Flour Sack & Dish Towels

  • Rill Foods Soups

  • Soberdough Bread Mixes

  • Mrs. Meyers Soaps

  • Decorative Measuring Spoon Sets

  • Kitchen Gadgets

  • Canning Jars & Equipment

  • Fresh Herb Plants

Wildlife & Pet Lovers Gifts

  • Bird Houses

  • Bird Feeders & Seed

  • Bird Baths

  • Butterfly, Lady Bug & Bee Houses

  • Wildflower Seeds

  • Dog and Cat Food

  • Remembrance Stones

  • Animal Holiday Ornaments

  • Wide selection of pet supplies and toys


Weather Watcher Gifts

  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers

  • Rain Gauges

  • Woodstock and Majesty Bells Wind Chimes

  • Sloggers Boots and Shoes


Edible Gardener Gifts

  • Seeds and Seed Starting Kits

  • Digging Forks and other Quality Tools

  • Citrus and Blueberry Plants

  • Tubtrugs

  • Composters

  • Garden Herb and Vegetable Trimmers



Gardener Gifts

  • Pruners

  • Hand Trowels

  • Watering Cans

  • Gloves and Kneeling Pads

  • Soaps and Lotions

  • Spring Blooming Bulbs

  • Tool Carrier Bags

  • Electric and Battery-operated Trimmers, Blowers and Weed-whackers

  • …and Bare Root Roses will be arriving mid-December, with bare root fruit trees hot on their heels!

Gift Certificates

...for those who seemingly have everything!


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December Garden Guide


Now that your Christmas lights are up outside, why not add that same sparkle to your garden through the dark months of winter? Gardens can be illuminated in much the same way we use ambient lighting indoors. The light from the moon, a lamp post, car headlights or other night light sources enhance white flowers and gray or silver foliaged plants. So, choose plants that help light up your winter garden such as white flowering Cyclamen, Violas, Pansies, Primroses, Stock, and Iceland Poppies or foliage plants like Dusty Miller.


Decorate indoors naturally using foliage and berries of shrubs and trees from your garden. Use them in bouquets, around doors, on your holiday table as centerpieces and even on your Christmas tree. Some of the best shrubs for this include Holly and Nandina for berries and foliage, Camellias for foliage and flowers, Maple leaves, and boughs and cones of conifers such as firs and pines.


Add colorful plants to your indoor living spaces. Poinsettias, Cyclamen, Amaryllis and Christmas Cactus are wonderful choices to decorate with and enjoy during the holiday season.


Winterize your irrigation systems. Drain water from all hose and drip lines. Disconnect timers, remove batteries, if any, and store them in a dry place.


Check for irrigation needs in areas under overhangs where rainfall does not provide sufficient moisture. Also, be sure to check the rest of the garden if no rain occurs for two weeks or longer. Plants have a better chance of survival in cold or frosty temperatures if the ground is moist.


Have frost blankets and bags available and support stakes available for nights you expect freezes. Citrus and succulents are especially vulnerable. Install stakes so that they remain 6-12 inches higher than your plant to allow air circulation between the foliage and the cover. Be sure to attach the cover to the stakes (wire, clips or zip ties will work) to keep it in place in case of wind.


Sharpen and oil tools and store in a dry place.


Spray fruit trees with Monterey Liqui-Cop (copper fungicide) combined with Summit Spray Oil if you had problems with your fruit trees or roses (peach leaf curl, brown rot, fungal diseases). Together they help to reduce insects and diseases such as Peach Leaf Curl in spring. Spray the plant top to bottom once a month for three consecutive months starting after the leaves drop and ending before buds emerge in the spring. Be sure to check your supply of sprayers and the protective gear needed to apply them. Checkout the Peach Leaf Curl video above.


Use quality pruning tools designed to make your specific job easier (i.e. Corona, Felco, and Fiskar).


Last chance to plant spring-blooming bulbs such as Daffodils and Tulips. Add Gardner & Bloome Fish Bone Meal to your soil to provide the nourishment they need. The sooner you get them in the ground or planted in pots, the better the results will be! Daffodils and Paperwhites are critter-resistant, but deer and gophers will snack on tulips; plant those in containers or gopher baskets and out of reach of deer.


Clean and check houseplants thoroughly to prevent insect infestations, especially if you recently brought them in from outside. Use Bonide Systemic Houseplant Insect Control to protect your plants for up to eight weeks. Your watering routine may change when they are moved into a warm, dry environment, so be sure to monitor regularly.


Our extended mild fall weather meant very little leaf clean-up…until now! We now carry electric tools including corded and cordless weed-whackers, blowers and hedge trimmers: find a great gift and make gardening clean up quicker & easier!


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