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Garden Guide for June 2020



As your local nursery employees who pride ourselves in customer service, we are reaching out to our customers to say a few things:

First, THANK YOU for your support these last few confusing, scary, and frustrating weeks. Second, we strive to offer the best assistance and a variety of plants. We are working on creating a more efficient way to process the unprecedented volume of turnover in our vegetable starts, herbs, bedding plants, and flowering shrubs, plus the tools and soil needed to grow them.

Many of our soil suppliers are running out of the raw materials to provide the quality products you expect, so some of our soil amendments and specialty soil mixes are in short supply. Same with the bedding plants: most of the growers switched over to supplying vegetables due to the high demand, and are now playing catch-up while switching back to bedding annuals. There will be a delay in getting alyssum, impatiens, and some other usually-easy-to-find flowers, but we are hopeful that we will be able to have them in stock soon!

Keep in mind that if you are experiencing a delay in finding the trees, perennials, or California native plants that you want, that fall is an EXCELLENT time to get those planted and established during the rainy winter, so they are ready to go next spring and summer.

We ask for your patience and kindness while we do our best to assist you. —Thank you!

A few answers to our most frequently asked questions:

  1. 1. We are open every day from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  2. 2. The public IS welcome inside the nursery. We can allow only ten people in at a time, which occasionally results in a line of people waiting for a short time, although the long wait times that we were experiencing a month ago seem to be over. Masks that cover the mouth and nose are required for anyone over the age of 12 per Santa Cruz County guidelines.

  3. 3. For immune-compromised or other at-risk customers ONLY, we offer parking lot pick-up for plants and products:

    • To place an order for plants and products, send an email to with your list. While we are continually ordering and receiving deliveries, we are perpetually out of several popular items. We ask that you be flexible in sizes, varieties, and brands. Please include a phone number so we can call you when the order is ready.

    • Please be patient while waiting for a response. It may take a few days to fill your order, but we WILL call you when it's ready for parking lot pick-up.

    • After being notified by us, call 438-4106 when you arrive in the parking lot, and we will process your order and bring it out to you. We wear gloves and masks for your protection.

  4. 4. Weekends are the busiest days, but there are NO days that aren't busy all day long. Your patience is much appreciated.

  5. 5. We don't know precisely when the next delivery of basil, strawberries, zucchini, etc. will arrive; we order items regularly, but shipments are sold out before they hit the shelves. Our growers are planting as fast as possible, but the entire supply chain has been overwhelmed with the unprecedented demand this spring. We re-supply as quickly as possible. Again, patience is appreciated.

  6. 6. We thank you all for your continued support and understanding!


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  • Garden Décor: spinners, wind chimes, statuary, wall art, and more!

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  • Welcome Mats

  • Decorative Garden and House Flags and poles/stands

Water Your Garden While You Sleep!

drip system

Drip Irrigation Systems and Parts

Summer is upon us and with it lots of sun and much warmer temperatures. Help get your plants established by installing a new drip irrigation system. If you already have one, check your system thoroughly to ensure it is working correctly and that you are not wasting precious water. Spend a little time now setting up a drip system so that you can relax later! With a timer installed, you can program the system to take the worry out of caring for your garden. We have all the parts you need: tubing, emitters, connectors, and more!


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June Garden Checklist


Invest in Hose Nozzles with a shut-off feature to prevent excess water loss when hand watering pots and garden areas.


Monitor your plants for pests. Bring the pest to the nursery in a plastic bag so we can try to identify the problem and direct you to the right product to remedy the situation. We stock complete lines of organic and conventional pest controls. Many products are helpful to organic gardeners, including Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew (with Spinosad) for insect control, Concern’s Copper Soap Fungicide, or Serenade for disease control, and Sluggo for snail and slug control.


Clean ponds and fountains. We have products that can help reduce algae and clarify the water. We also have a nice selection of pond plants to add beauty to your water feature. Our pond plant supplier was shut down for a while, but we are now able to start ordering from them again.


Deadhead flowers and lightly fertilize. We recommend using half-strength fertilizer on all your flowers, hanging baskets, and veggies on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, to ensure constant nutrients for healthy growth and an abundance of flowers.


Mulch areas with Gardner & Bloome Organic Soil Building Conditioner to help give your garden a finished look AND add nutrients to the soil to benefit your plants at the same time! Mulching helps save water, reduce weeds, and retain nutrients. Any size bark chips also work well as a protective mulch layer; for best results, we recommend at least a 2" layer on the soil surface.


Replace old, woody perennials and annuals. We carry money-saving 4" or 1-gallon pots that will grow and fill in quickly to help you stretch your budget. We can help you find some new combinations that will freshen up your look.


Stake and feed your tomatoes and other container raised vegetables with natural Gardner & Bloome Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer. We also have an assortment of Tomato Cages with choices of fun colors and various sizes.

Water-Saving Tips

Because warm summer weather has arrived, we want to encourage plant lovers to garden wisely by following a few vital water-conserving tips. These suggestions will help you be successful in your yard every year, wet or dry! For more info, visit

  1. 1. Spread 1-3 inches of mulch around all plants especially newly planted ones. For each inch of mulch, you reduce water usage by up to 10%.

  2. 2. Check your soil for moisture BEFORE watering to see if it is really necessary. Established gardens can often go for weeks without needing water depending on your soil type and the weather.

  3. 3. When you do water, apply it slowly and for an extended period of time. This will help reduce runoff and encourage deep roots.

  4. 4. Do not over-fertilize with high nitrogen fertilizers. Nitrogen increases soft new growth which then requires more water to support the plant.

  5. 5. Reduce the size of plants by pruning excess growth.

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