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Welcome to Scarborough Gardens

At Scarborough Gardens you’ll find three complete stores, all in one place! If you are looking for the right plant for your garden or the perfect gift for your friend you’ll find it here.

Garden Guide for March 2021

While we are in a better position in 2021 to have inventory in stock than we were last year (since the global pandemic isn’t taking us by surprise this time), we are still facing a few challenges. We have already gotten word from a few of our suppliers that roses, citrus, wisteria, and seeds will be more difficult than usual to keep fully stocked. Anticipating this, we tried to pre-order many items last fall, but not everything was available. This may be the year to consider being flexible with your landscaping plans; perhaps choose a different variety that IS in stock or plant around the missing item, leaving a space for it to go in when it becomes available. Customer service is still our #1 priority, so we will try our hardest to find what you are looking for!

Last chance...

to find bare root fruiting vines or berries in stock. Our remaining selection is now 50% OFF, so act fast! Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, mulberries, kiwi, grapes, hops, and figs are all still here (for now!).

Pardon our dust!

We are undergoing a construction project inside our warehouse, which will result in an expanded customer shopping area for furniture and gardening supplies. In the meantime, please be patient with the noise, dust, and somewhat confusing storage system in the warehouse and patio furniture area. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Visit our NEW & IMPROVED bedding area!

Same location, but bigger and sturdier shelves to hold and display more annual and perennial color and vegetable starts. Wider aisles mean easier access with carts and the opportunity to have more color to offer our customers this spring!

Pieris, Lily of the Valley shrub

The perfect shrub for shade or partial shade, pieris is a showy evergreen shrub that has an abundance of cascading white or pink flowers in the spring, followed by red, pink, or bronze new leaves depending on the variety. Some varieties slowly get to 5’ tall; others that are more compact can be kept in a container or smaller area. ‘Flaming Silver’ has variegated foliage, so it brings light and beauty to a shaded area. Added bonus: they are not preferred snacks for deer! We have a fully stocked area of a few varieties, stop by and check them out!


Spring Blooming Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Announce the arrival of spring by adding these spring bloomers to your landscape! These trees and large shrubs all bloom from late winter to late spring and add color and interest to your landscape. There are selections for full sun to part shade, and most are quite easy to care for. All should be pruned for shape or size control right after they bloom. If you wait to prune them in winter, you will be cutting off all the spring flowers. Large shrubs include quince, currant, forsythia, and lilac (also considered a tree). Trees (single trunk or multi-branch forms are available) include dogwood, magnolia, and flowering cherry or plum. One of the spring blooming vines that everyone notices when it’s in flower is pink jasmine, not only for its lacy foliage and delicate white flowers with pink outer buds, hence its name but also for its sweet fragrance that will perfume your whole yard in the spring!

Don’t Forget Your Gopher Baskets!

If you have experienced trouble with gophers in your yard in the past, make sure you protect your new plantings by using the appropriate size gopher basket to protect the root ball of your shrub, tree, or edible plants. Generally, the pocket gopher produces up to 10 babies sometime between March and June. After a short time in the nest, they are kicked out and start their network of tunnels and nests and are ready to reproduce within one year. All those gophers are hungry and will quickly take down all sorts of shrubs, including fruit trees! We carry gopher baskets that can accommodate any size plant, from 4” annuals up to 15-gallon “tree size” baskets. Match the size of the basket to the MATURE size of your plant. Using baskets may seem like an unwelcome expense upfront, but it’s cheap insurance: better to purchase a $5-10 basket now than another $50 tree later!


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March Garden Guide


Give your plants a strong start with E.B. Stone Sure Start Fertilizer and Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Conditioner. The sooner the plant’s roots get established and deep into the soil, the less water they need. The beneficial soil microbes found in ALL Gardner & Bloome products extend the root system, helping your plant absorb more nutrients while helping improve overall soil health.


Prune cold-tender plants this month after danger of frost has passed (usually about mid-March). In colder pockets, you may wait until the end of the March or even early April. Finish trimming and cleaning all perennials and grasses as they show signs of new life. If you have severely cold damaged plants, wait to remove them until May or June, as many have hardy roots and may come back beautifully with some care and patience!


Wormy Apples? Set out BioCare Codling Moth Traps in early March (approximately two months before blooms) to help prevent worms in your apples. This safe product will reduce your need to spray later. Suppose you trap a large population of moths or had a particularly heavy infestation of worms in your apples last year. In that case, we recommend organic (OMRI) Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad starting in mid to late April. Spray early in the day before there is bee activity since this product can be harmful to the honey bees that pollinate your fruits and veggies.


Get your plants cozy! Nighttime temperatures should be close to 50 degrees or warmer consistently to ensure a healthy start for heat-loving plants such as tomatoes, basil, impatiens, and petunias. If you prefer to start your gardens early and get a jump start on the season, use garden Frost Blankets or Pop-Up Greenhouses.


Start an easy potato patch by choosing from our selection organic seed potatoes and using Smart Pot Potato and Squash Grow Containers. Smart Pots allow for better oxygen exchange at root level and provide bigger early season growth because the black pot warms up the root zone faster in early spring and keeps the roots cooler in the heat of summer.


Prep your vegetable beds now, to be ready to move your cold-tender seedlings out when the nighttime temperatures are warmer. Pull weeds, turn the soil, add planting mix if your soil levels need to be raised, and amend with E.B. Stone Chicken Manure or Steer Manure or Gardner & Bloom Farmyard Blend to get your vegetable garden in great shape for a bountiful harvest!


Check your drip system. Now is also the time to make sure your drip system, sprinklers or hoses are in good working order and make needed repairs or replacements before the weather gets warm.


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in-store specials on many of the items mentioned here.